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Wherever you are in your product journey, our digital product team will help you build exactly the right thing, for every stage in your journey.

We take ownership for your product’s success. And we are uncompromising in delivering the best possible product for you. So that you can focus on building your business.

See how we can help you go from 0-100.

Starting up

The most important thing you will ever create is your MVP or v1. We help you go from idea to successful launch.
Get help to make it right from the start, and the rest of your product journey will be significantly easier (and cheaper).

Growth stage

You know your customers. The market is ready to be conquered. Now speed and high product quality is of the essence. Let us help you with that! We put together a tailor-made senior product team to accelerate your growth. Taking full ownership of the product roadmap.

Industry leader

Your organization is full of ideas and you are ready to implement them. But you are missing the team who can take ownership, and help realize your ideas quickly, and with such high quality that they are ready for an international market. We work with innovators such as yourself on a daily basis. Let's talk!

From 0-100

From the beginning
or from where you are

No matter where you are on your journey we have got you covered. With our experience and expertise, we will seamlessly expand your team and elevate your project.



The prestudy serves to provide early insights into the needs, opportunities, uncertainties, and challenges of a potential project, all while minimising the initial costs. The goal is to quickly gain the necessary knowledge to establish a solid foundation for deciding whether to proceed and in which direction to go.



You've identified a need and believe you have the right solution, but is it a viable business? Let's look into crafting a solid business model, projecting short and long-term revenue, and determining a reasonable investment that aligns with your goals.



With an idea of "what" to build we carefully explore "how" your service will take form. We establish overarching structures, define features, and map user flows. Whether adapting your existing brand or crafting a new visual identity, our aim is to give your service a distinct and user-friendly profile. By evaluating that we meet all business and user needs, we ensure a service that delivers results.



Choosing the appropriate technology to build your new service requires careful consideration. By understanding your business goals, scalability requirements, integration needs, security concerns, usability factors, and more, we can make informed decisions. This approach empowers us to choose solutions that will provide robust support for your long-term growth.



Starting a new business marks just the beginning of the journey. As real people engage with your service, we gain access to invaluable feedback and insights. What's working and where we should concentrate our efforts next. While growth presents its challenges, with the right strategies in place, you can propel your company toward success.



When building a new digital service, focus often centers on developing the initial viable version. However, the goals of a service are truly achieved only through its use, further development and ongoing refinement. Maintenance ensures the service remains accessible, addresses any faults, effectively manages potential changes, and evolves together with the evolving needs of the business.

Client stories

The real heroes
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Behind every great idea, stands people who wish to challenge the status quo and make the world a better place. 

Jonathan & Louise
Weekly Revolt

Diet and exercise, for a sustainable lifestyle

Emma & Paulin

On-and offboarding specialists

Liza & Clara

Period protection
for all

Emma & Nicklas

An award winning IoT solution

Hariz Fazlic

Establish your routines and keep them

Charlotte Dunhoff

Revolutionising the event industry

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