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Two incredible entrepreneurs came to us with the request and ambition of how to create engaging, fun and simple digital workout programs. They wanted their digital service to cater to a different demographic than normally goes to the gym, but who still seek solutions to improve their daily health. The whole concept of the service was written out on whiteboards in several workshops, and laid out the plan and product roadmap for the years to come.


At the core of Weekly Revolt's offering are two robust, synchronized mobile and web applications, meticulously crafted using an Atomic design framework in React Native (Android/iOS) and React.JS. These apps integrate social features, e-commerce functionalities, gamification elements, point systems, data tracking, visualization tools, rich media communication, and seamless connections to external services.


The appreciation and commitment our team has for helping WR in their continued growth journey is best exemplified by the words of founder Jonathan about our partnership: “Weapp have helped us make sure that we’re building exactly the right thing for our customers, and have been a partner that has been pivotal for our rapid development and market success." - Jonathan Hoel, Founder & CEO, Weekly Revolt


Weekly Revolt's results are best highlighted by their achievements and impact. Despite growing organically and profitably, their health programs and services have exploded, and already helped a staggering amount of 30,000 people. 

But the journey has just begun, Weekly is reinvesting continually into their digital service and business expansion, to help even more people on the international market. 


While the platform today offers a multitude of tools and features, the experience of using it is fun, engaging and simple. 




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