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Universeum, sought an innovative digital solution to engage visitors, prolong their stay, and facilitate enjoyable learning experiences, particularly in the field of mathematics. Recognizing the challenge of making math appealing and accessible, they tasked us with creating an interactive experience that would captivate visitors of all ages.


In response, we conceived and developed 'Mathrix Battle' in collaboration with the Universeum team. This digital game was meticulously designed and built by our team to seamlessly integrate with the Mathrix exhibition. 'Mathrix Battle' serves as a cornerstone of the exhibition, offering more visitors than one at a time to engage in an immersive and entertaining way to explore mathematical concepts.


The unveiling of Mathrix at Universeum has been met with great appreciation, culminating in the prestigious "Exhibition of the Year 2023" award. Visitors are thoroughly engaged, spending extended periods interacting with the exhibition's various elements, including 'Mathrix Battle' and the interactive stations. 

Video credit: Universeum


Through our collaborative efforts, Mathrix has succeeded in making mathematics both accessible and enjoyable for visitors, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of the subject for audiences of all ages.


The application/game serves as an educational guide that takes students through each step and stage. It provides training, information and reminders of important events when necessary. The app also helps match businesses with the right advisor and even offers a simple business idea generator to inspire new concepts. Photo credit: Universeum


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