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With the growing emphasis on entrepreneurship among the next generation, there's a need for digital solutions that support and guide young entrepreneurs through their journey. This collaboration aimed to address this need by creating a mobile app in partnership with UF (Ung Företagsamhet), a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship in Swedish schools.


We developed a mobile app designed to serve as a comprehensive educational tool for high school students participating in UF's entrepreneurship program. The app acts as a guide, providing step-by-step assistance throughout the entire entrepreneurial process. It offers educational resources, timely reminders for important events, and facilitates connections between students and advisors. Additionally, it features a simple business idea generator to inspire creativity and innovation.


In only a few months after the launch, the app had garnered over 14,000 downloads and has gained widespread popularity among students, teachers, and the UF organization. The success of the app underscores its effectiveness in supporting young entrepreneurs throughout their journey. We look forward to continuing our partnership with UF and remain grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the next generation of entrepreneurs.


With our genuine passion for entrepreneurship and startups, a digital collaboration with UF is a natural fit for us.

As a non-profit educational organization, they work to promote entrepreneurship in Swedish schools. For a whole year, high school students in Sweden are given the opportunity to learn what it means to run their own business and deal with all the challenges and opportunities it brings.

The mobile app serves as an educational guide that takes students through each step and stage. It provides training, information and reminders of important events when necessary. The app also helps match businesses with the right advisor and even offers a simple business idea generator to inspire new concepts.




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