Simplifying employee training


Sqillz wanted to drastically improve restaurant operations by simplifying employee training, ensuring adherence to procedures, and enhancing the overall guest experience. In a world where traditional training methods often fall short, Sqillz wanted to offer an innovative solution tailored to the needs of modern restaurants.


Together with Sqillz we have built a comprehensive micro-learning platform designed to inject excitement and effectiveness into employee training. Through engaging, bite-sized learning experiences, Sqillz seamlessly integrates education into the daily workflow, driving performance improvements across the organization.


Sqillz streamlines restaurant operations, fostering a culture of efficiency and excellence.Sqillz not only reduces the time spent on explanations but also enhances employee performance and guest satisfaction. With Sqillz, restaurants can achieve up to 35% fewer inquiries, 60% fewer deviations from standard procedures, and save up to 180 hours per unit per year. 


Simplifying employee training methods to drastically improve restaurant operations by , ensuring adherence to procedures, and enhancing the overall guest experience.

The platform consists of a mobile application connected to a web application, enabling HR and training personnel to effortlessly create, manage, and administer courses and learning materials. As well as enable the staff members themselves to create and share learning content. Leveraging technologies such as React.JS, Node.JS, GraphQL, Firebase, and Cloudinary, Sqillz ensures efficient content delivery and data management.


The platform's intuitive administration interface and clear reporting capabilities simplify management tasks, enabling restaurants to focus on delivering exceptional dining experiences.


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