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Access to menstrual products is a fundamental right, yet many still struggle to find these necessities, especially in public spaces. Addressing this issue not only promotes equality but also helps in breaking the taboos surrounding menstruation. Redlocker wanted our help to provide convenient, stress-free access to menstrual products, in order to support a more equitable society.


In collaboration with RedLocker, we developed a user-friendly mobile application, as well as the communication protocol to control their battery-powered dispensers. The app allows users to easily find the nearest public restroom offering free menstrual products via a map interface, ensuring that no one is left unprepared. The dispensers, also has a built-in time delay between distributions to reduce waste.


Our solution has enabled RedLocker to significantly expand its reach and impact. The app and communication protocol not only facilitate easy access to menstrual products but also contribute to saving time, energy, and reducing stress for users. The dispensers are now used in over 4000 locations across Europe.


Liza Eriksson & Clara Lidman founded Redlocker during their "UF"-year, a course where Swedish students gets to try entrepreneurship as part of the school curriculum. Their innovation and idea has since taken them all the way to "Draknästet" on Swedish TV, and they're now working hard towards their mission, "Period protection available for all". 

The hardware dispenser is controlled by the user through a mobile app that communicates  via Bluetooth-protocol. Subscription and user management is handled easily in the app. The dispenser has built in logic, to make sure users are served, but ecological footprint is kept low.


The company and its service has become a phenomenon, with a large following of users who wants to see this type of service common in all workplaces and public places.





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