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BariBuddy, a project initiated by a team of medical professionals, aims to address the challenge of sustaining a healthy lifestyle, post-weight loss surgery, through the provision of essential vitamins and supplements tailored for such patients. However, like many health-related endeavors, maintaining user engagement and adherence over time posed a significant challenge.


To tackle the issue of declining user engagement, we conceptualized and developed a mobile application that serves as a comprehensive tool for patients undergoing weight loss surgery. The app enables users to track their daily performance, exercise, diet, and supplement intake seamlessly. Through the integration of gamification elements such as a reward system, social features, and visualizations of health data, we incentivised and motivated users to adhere to their supplement schedule. This innovative approach resulted in a remarkable increase in engagement and usage of both the supplements and the accompanying digital service, providing Baribuddy with numerous touchpoints with their users, and opening up new avenues for business growth.


The impact of our collaboration with BariBuddy is best captured by the words of our customer: "We came to Weapp with the need for a pre-study and analysis on how to improve our usage and customer retention rate. What we got back was mind-blowing, a concept for a digital service that we just knew would work. After having translated this concept into a wonderful design, and well-built mobile application, all our expectations were fulfilled and exceeded." But what we’re most proud of is that the service has reached and positively impacted the lives of over 50,000 patients.


Building leading technology solutions is most rewarding when they help improve people's health and lives.

BariBuddy, founded by medical experts, provides essential vitamins and supplements for patients after bariatric surgery.

Following a lifelong diet plan is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Yet, like many other areas, we have seen a decrease in repeat users over time.


A mobile app that allows patients to monitor their daily performance, exercise, diet and supplements. Through gamification, rewards, social features and visualization of health data, we increased compliance with the supplements schedule, resulting in increased engagement with both supplements and our digital service.


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