So you're building a digital product. The biggest bet in a long time for your business?

A lot is on the line. Might be the future success of your business. Might be the biggest initiative in a long time. Honestly, might be your neck if it’s not a success?

Now you need an exceptional team to build the product.
And you have no fre**ing idea on how to assemble it.

You need to consider costs, speed of execution, quality, effect on team culture, future initiatives, etc..

Now everyone starts weighing in.
Internal experts, external experts. Everyone will tell you how you should build your team.

▪️Hire the full team!
▪️Off-shore to a low-cost country!
▪️On-shore to a local tech partner with track record!
▪️Multi-source it! Don’t depend on only one supplier!
▪️Outsource parts of the project, hire for other parts!

Everyone will base their advice on their own previous experiences, and understanding.

👉 Now, after having worked on 50+ product releases - Our two-pennies worth on how to go about this challenge.

Despite representing a company that only fits one of these models (we’re a local tech partner that works as an extension of your team).


Because you know what it ultimately comes down to?
Ownership (❗). You need a team who cares DEEPLY about the success of your product.

▪️A team who will be flexible in their approach and mindset, when the project starts throwing curveballs at them.
▪️A team who takes responsibility for the quality of their work. But also a team who challenges you to sometimes opt for the simpler solution.
▪️A team who creates a good working atmosphere with your other team members.
▪️A team who doesn’t sell you hours, whether they’re expensive or cheap, but results.

Consider all options for building a digital product team as equally viable!

The right solution depends firstly on your context. But more importantly, on WHO you encounter as representatives of these different 'team options'.
More important than the team building model in itself - is the team actors. The people you will work with.

Good luck on your journey. Once you have the right team. Everything else becomes fun and attainable 🌟