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We are what we are because every member of our team is deeply committed to the products they build and the customers we build them for. We don't believe in hierarchical structures. We believe in freedom and responsibility.

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We build close-knit teams

...and an office you want to go to. Mouth-watering breakfasts, parties, wine tastings, ping pong tables, gaming computers, lab nights, and more. We know that nothing beats a close-knit and motivated team when it comes to building great products.

We love to explore in the work we do every day, testing new solutions, frameworks and tools. But also outside of work. With the goal of always evolving


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Fun fact

Step into our Fun Fact Corner! Here, we spill the beans on the amusing, surprising, and downright delightful aspects of our office, culture, and team.


Founded in 2019 from an office space of 1x1 squaremeter. We've grown to over 35 colleagues and an innovation arena of 1000 squaremeters.


We have 7 office dogs that visit the office on a regular basis. That's about 0.2 dogs/colleague.


Together, our team has built over 50+ successful products. You could easily say that you would have missed some of your favorite products if we hadn't 'stepped up'.


Since the launch of Weapp, we have joined and invested in 10 co-ventures.


There is nothing we take more seriously than our good coffee... No, seriously.


Besides our headquarter in Gothenburg, we have local presence in Stockholm, Copenhagen and wherever our colleagues may be at the moment. People may need to leave the city, but they don't want to leave Weapp.


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As you probably have understood by now, working at Weapp is more than a job. We are currently looking for the following. 

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